Guarding Services

From Gerringong in the South, to Helensburgh in the North, our Guards are here for you.

Event Security and Crowd Control

Whether its an event for 10, 100 or 1000+ people, Oz Tech Security has the trained staff to guarantee that your event is protected to ensure your guests can make the most of your event and run as smooth as possible.

Oz Tech can also assist in Crowd Control services, ensuring that a professional face is able to assist you.

Oz Tech covers a full variety of Events, including;
• Corporate Functions
• Large events such as
• Public Events such as New Years Eve Celebrations and Australia Day.

Cash in Transit

Cash in Transit (CIT) services save you and your staff time-consuming trips to the bank while guarding you against exposure to the risk of robbery. Depending on your needs, we can provide you with: 

• Over Services completed by armed and uniformed guards

Our Fleet (Patrols, Technicians and Covert Vehicles)

Oz Tech Security has a fleet of fully marked Security Patrol Cars. These cars are out on the road each and every day of the year, including weekends and public holidays. They are driven by our fully licenced security patrol drivers.

We cover and area from Gerringong in the South to Helensburgh in the North on a daily basis. Our mobile patrol officers are well presented in our distinguishing uniforms and fully equipped with torches, mobile phones, two way radios, some also have handcuffs and batons. Our cars are professionally marked with our identifiable Oz Tech Security logo. Your premises becomes a potential target for any would-be intruder, which is why our guards ensure that patrols are conducted randomly and therefore unpredictable.

To anything thinking about causing damage or breaking an entering your premises, this random nature and security prescence is a great deterrent in itself.

In addition to our patrol cars, we also have covert vehicles should they be required together with fully equipped, professional and clearly marked vans utilised by our company Technical Division. These vans are available for your security installation and maintenance requirements Monday to Friday with after hours and emergency services also being available.

Wthout the need to outsource any part of our business, we can therefore rectify any problem that

arises quickly and efficiently.

Static/Grounds Guarding

Oz Tech employs a large workforce of fully licenced Security Guards. These guards are experienced, carefully selected and screened for suitability to the industry. In addition to their Security Licence, our guards undergo police and reference checks and are first aid practitioners. They are also selected for their high level of communication skills, movitation and dedication to customer service.

Our guards can inspect your premises internally or externally to sure your site and its contents are kept safe for your return to work. All our guards are backed by a 24/7 Control Room, Patrol Drivers and On-call Management all dedicated to providing our clients with a level of service that cannot be surpassed

Staff Escorts

Should your employees require security accompaniment at the start or end of their shifts, Oz Tech Security can protect you or any item that needs guarding in transit between locations. Oz Tech Security's professionally trained Security Officers can assist in the opening and lock-up of your premises, and can continue to escort your staff to their vehicles at close of business hours.

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