Alarm Systems

Oz Tech Security has fully trained and licenced Security Technicians who can install and maintain our Security Products and Systems for full functionality


Security and Intruder Alarms

Your typical alarm system installation might include: 

• Control Panel Dialer

      • Code Pad
      • Back Up Battery
      • Power Supply
      • Complete Siren Kit for Internal/External Notification
      • Motion Detectors
      • Remote Kit including reciver and remote fobs.

Intruder Detection

Our alarm systems monitor for Intruder Detection whether you are at home or away. This will detect movement at doors and windows to your property, and can also be installed at your property perimeter.

Intruder Alarm Systems

Oz Tech Security, your Wollongong Security Professionals, offer a full range of Intruder Alarm Systems.

With our Certified Partnerships, Oz Tech Security can provide products from a whole range including products from:
• Mobotix
• Bosch
• Inner Range
• Milestone

Each Alarm System is specifically designed to your premises. Your system may include a code pad and a few motion detectors for a Domestic Residence, right up to a fully integrated Access Control and Building Automation System for your corporate premises.

Movement Detection

Your alarm system also includes Movement Detection. This will detect unusual movement within your homes, alerting our Control Room to any potential threats. This can be calibrated to each individual premises to allow for a full range of potential scenarios, such as Pet Detection.

Fire and Smoke Detection

Often forgotten, and most vital, your home alarm system can be fully integrated with your smoke alarms. Monitoring your fire protection is vital to your home, and will alert our Control Room immediately should your home or business be under threat from smoke or fire. Whether you are at home or away, a monitored smoke alarm will operate even when the alarm is not set

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