Security Escorts

Should you, your business or staff require Security Escorts, Oz Tech Security has a full range of Security Escort services.

Security Escorts

If a scenario calls for a concern for personal or financial safety, a security officer can be assigned to you for a personal escort. Escorts can be available from anywhere and at any time.

Generally provided after dark, Security escorts will accompany you to your destination, whether it is returning to your vehicle, walking to public transport or returning home or to work.

For further information about a Security Guard Escort, please call Oz Tech Security on (02) 4226 0000 to talk to one of our friendly Wollongong Operators.


Cash in Transit

Cash in Transit (CIT) services save you and your staff time-consuming trips to the bank while guarding you against exposure to the risk of robbery. Depending on your needs, we can provide you with: 

• Over Services completed by armed and uniformed guards

Staff Escorts

Oz Tech Security has extensive experience in designed a protection plan to suit your business, customised to meet the needs of each individual so that you can maintain normal working operations.

Should your employees require security accompaniment at the start or end of their shifts, Oz Tech Security can protect you or any item that needs guarding in transit between locations.

Oz Tech Security's professionally trained Security Officers can assist in the opening and lock-up of your premises, and can continue to escort your staff to their vehicles at close of business hours.

Opening and Close of Business

Oz Tech Security can also provide a day to day service of escorts for your Open and Close of Business. As a part of our total service package, we will enhance your business image with professional security. Whether this is a security guard(s), or a patrolled or covert vehicle(s), Oz Tech will be there to assist you.

Our Security patrol fleet can also assist in your premises open and lock up each day, guaranteeing that your business remains protected overnight and opened again for your convenience the following morning.

(02) 4226 0000

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